Bakpak Durden

Bakpak Durden is an interdisciplinary, fine artist with a primary focus on the figure. Using a range of mediums including oil and acrylic paint, graphite and fine art photography, and with a hyperrealistic, conceptual style, their detailed, emotionally engaging subjects shine a spotlight on human feelings and moods.

Bakpak’s work has been featured in gallery shows at The Schvitz, The Bottom Line, Cass Cafe, Our/Detroit, and Junction Hall Gallery. Bakpak’s most recent undertakings have been as a contributing muralist for the city of Detroit’s “City Walls” project (curated by Sydney G. James with the support of 1XRUN) and as a production manager and contributing artist in VIRAGO (in collaboration with artist and curator Cyrah Dardas.)

They can be seen as a participating artist in the upcoming Blight Abatement Artist Residency Program curated by 1XRun and CityWalls. As well as an upcoming July exhibition at KO Gallery in Hamtramck.

CV available upon request.

Photo by CJ Benninger